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Get Wasted!


Wasted Open Air 2019

Akne Kid Joe

„Lass und Baden gehen und Markus Söder sehn!“ („Let’s go for a swim and see Bavarian minister-president Markus Söder!”) Sings the music collective “Akne Kid Joe” . But fear not: Since Good Ol’ Markus created the Söd... äääh, Norikus Bay for us, you, and mostly for himself, you can see him only doing his lanes in Nuremburg. So Lake Obernzenn is safe.. Nevertheless, it hasn’t been beneath the Synth-Punx from Nuremburg to dedicate a song to the father of our Bavarian nation, His Eminence. In passing, they settle an account with Germany and its Krauts, which doesn’t take them more than two accords.
For the eagerly longed-for gig at Lake Obernzenn we, too, have a compelling idea, but more on that later ;-)