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Print@home-Tickets with or without Karaoke Donnerstag and a restricted contingent of daily Tickets you can get at our Shop. Hardtickets are unfortunatly only available face to face at the dudes of TJ Schlachthaus and our Preorder-Shops, for example Metzgerei Weinländer and Landrestaurant in Oberzenn. Also you can change your Print@home Ticket to a Hardticket at Felix (the mustasch-guy of TJ Schlachthaus)

Not far away from our homeport, the legendary Schlachthaus, at a wonderful query pond with plenty of water and green. Just write "Obernzenn" at your satnav and you'll find it anyway.

If you arrive by car, you really should bring you satnav, so you'll find it easy.

Urphertshofer Straße 15
91619 Obernzenn

By train we recommend the railwaystations of OBERDACHSTETTEN or BAD WINDSHEIM. We'll have a shuttleservice from these points to the festival, but please tell us, if you need a ride, a few weeks before. For example at Facebook or text us at info@wasted-openair.de .

//Camping and Parking:
Straight beside the festival we'll have a little campingfield for tents. If the weather's fine there's some space for caravans and car's to sleep in, too. Carparking for daily guests will be just off target the festival, too. But the local govornment will take a little fee here. We recommend especially families with kids and guests that enjoy a well sleep to pitch their tent/caravan at the local Campingplatz which is close, too.
Please consider the marked parking areas.

As usual our very own cook-roach will serve you a great meal everytime BIERGARTENSTYLE! Also there'll be a Pizza-rank at the festivalground. You can keep your well-warmed canned Papst and heineken at home, because there's waiting a great, ice-cooled Grüner Vollbier for 2,00€ for you! As we'll serve this in a box, too, you can also furnish your campingarea everytime with a cool brew.
Not enough?? In the near area there are some pubs, too.
Obernzenn has also everything, the little shopping queen in you needs to be stuffed. We got a little Supermarket, a bakery, a butcher, a gasstation and a florist waiting for you! And that's all in a walking distance!

WASTED! Openair is a pure DIY event. That means, it's the product of a few people that wanted to start something new in their own style. The result? Take a look at yourself! If anything doesn't work as it doas at Summer Wacken, Rock im Quark or With Full Breeze - we ask for forgiveness. If you want to change something, more power to you! We're always upfront for proposals and helping hands, and if you want to start your own DIY-thing, be our guest! If you want to show your talent, buy some selfmade paperswans or doing any other art, feel free to join. Please leave us a short notice and become a part of the most selfmade festival of all times!


We'll have a few WC-Trailers at the camping-area and the festival area, if you want to have a good shower you'll get it at the lake.

As the lake is straight to our doors, tell your mother to get you some good swimmingpants! The lake isn't really part of our area, so everything you do there is at your very own risk! Please pay attention, that camping and fire is strictly forbidden and dogs got to wear their leashes. Nudity - as much fun it is - in public is a problem - could you PLEASE attend the kids??? or at least keep your pants on 'til the sun went down? If you think a nice detox-sleepover at the fresh, cool water is a good idea,  we can't help you anyway.
Have a nice splashing!