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Get Wasted!


Wasted Open Air 2019

Jaya the Cat

Jaya the Cat will headline 2019's Wasted! Saturday!


Those who know both this band and our festival will confirm that this is the perfect match. Who knows the band and the festival is aware we couldn’t find a better ass to our bucket.

The boys from Amsterdam-by-choice headed by Geoff Lagedec are going to take you out to dance for the great finale of this year’s Wasted! Openair. Regardless of you identifying yourself as a Ska addict, a Raggae enthusiast or someone who doesn’t want to deal with all this hippie-shit. This night is going to be crazy. When Jaya enters the stage, you have a date! But none of those Tinder-dates where you fake interest in the other one’s passion for contemporary tapestries or the latest season of The Bachelor just to get laid. Neither will you be picked up by a carriage, handed some roses and listen to empty promises. This is going to be real! You’ll sing, dance, drink way too much Schrankschnaps for 50ct and Grüner Beer for 2€. If the night ends at all, you’ll stagger home together bawling songs. At your place, you’ll then play this old record you love to listen to in such beautiful moments like this. After a night with Jaya your home will be full of glitter and on the next morning they will take you out for breakfast. Or lunch or dinner, depending on when this „morning“ will be.

Look forward to an awesome live-show, soap-bubbles and confetti. And to this kind of music making the most messed-up, trvest metalhead happily abandon his ideals in order to join the singing, dancing masses and celebrate the highlight of WASTED! 2019.