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Get Wasted!


Wasted Open Air 2019

The Art

Ok, the king - King Lui van Beethoven - woke just up, made himself coffee, brought down the trash and burned down the stage at WASTED! 2018 to drink himself back to his thornbush sleep. The dead city rockets were this damage after a little survace leakage on the Schlachthaus-mic, so that now they come out to play rarely. And you can see the Fat Tonies just see in combination with Halley's comet these days.

But who thinks, Nuremburg's old school Punkrock is dead, hasn't heard of "The Art" yet. The Allstar-crew of Nuremburg's scene holds the banner high and the bottom shelf liquor even higher. Haven't seen yet? So up to the Punkrockstonerbaggerseenackedeiblödsinnsspaß at Lake Obernzenn!