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Wasted! Openair at Lake Obernzenn

“Servusla” to Wasted! Openair!
THE stoner-punkrock-lake-bullshit-nackedei-festival at Lake Obernzenn.
Our aim is to contribute to rural culture in a special way: To create a common space for creativity, diversity, music, art and most of all DIY - beyond well-tried programs and events.

For everybody and against racism.

That means that everybody who stands in for an open and respectful cooperation is welcome. No one is reduced on skin colour, origin, religion, vita or other social conventions. As a voluntary collective we are self organized, unperfect, chaotic and most of all  dedicated with heart and soul.
Our tickets are very limited, because we want to remain familial and non-commercial.

Turbojugend Schlachthaus & the Wasted! Crew

Lineup 2020 Beim Wasted! Openair

We love punkrock, we love stonerrock, we love everything in between and around, but most of all the perfect mix! Check out this year’s:


folks worst nightmare

folks worst nightmare

Die Konstellation aus verschiedenen Künstlern wie The Black Elephant Band, John Steam Jr., Reverend…



Die Kombo LÜT aus Tromsø, Norwegen, bringt viel Wut, Sozialkritik und jugendlichen Leichtsinn an den…



Vor vielen Jahrhunderten wurde eine Kreatur geboren. Ein Wesen, bekannt als "VULVARINE". Gebohren in…


Entire Lineup

That awaits you at Obernzenner See

Beside the lake, the bands, the food, the beer, the famous bouncy castle,....
we have one special treat for you: Our guests!
Check our gallery and see why we love that shit so much (and why YOU have to come!)

Really? Still got questions? Well, ok.

Look around our info area. There you find the most important things summarized.




... and now get your Ticket & Get Wasted!

Now go for it! Grab your ticket and be part of the selfmadest festival ever!
The Wasted-Crew is looking forward to you <3



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