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Turbojugend Schlachthaus e.V.

What is Turbojugend? What do they do? Is that some sort of motorcycle club?
Close enough! Just instead of Harley they go by cab, but first things first!
Explanation as follows:

//The Beginnings
It started at some point in 2007. The local youth club closed its doors, the kids dispersed and young Rutt and Crane had no idea how to spend all the time they had on hand now.
Since sitting around is useless and DIY is the best anyway, they organized an old attic, bought cheap screws and planks and got down to work. After finishing the project, located above an old butchery, the name was perfectly obvious: SCHLACHTHAUS (slaughterhouse) was born.

//The Schlachthaus
LAN parties and beer-case-nights were quickly followed by the first live gigs. The local heroes CHRONIC AGGRESSION played the maiden show and triggered a wave of concerts no one would’ve expected back then. Especially not Rutt nor Scraggy. Next to numerous bands, many old and new friends followed the call of the “wooden hell”. So it didn’t take long until Biber and Felix became integral parts of the Schlachthaus community.

//The Turbojugend
After the metal years, there came the punkrock years (a band called King Lui Van Beethoven played a big role in this) and things became louder, wilder and rader! The splendidly grown community decided then to follow the denim cult of the Turbojugend  .
Starting in 1996 in St. Pauli, the Turbojugend quickly became one of the most notorious fan clubs in Rock’n’Roll history. That wave captured thousands of members worldwide, all to follow the death punkers of Turbonegro and live a very unique fan culture. So the Schlachthaus collective became part of it.
More concerts, friends and a growing network of musicians and musiclovers followed.

//The festival
In 2016, no one could stand it anymore. A festival had to be made! The child that was born under the name “Schlachtfestival” quickly grew to be the wildest garden party of the year. And it kept growing.
Soon, a new location, a new name (the old one was a bit misleading), a new concept and most of all a mascot had to be found. The latter was by far the easiest: As community member, personal chef, chief grumbler and stoner rock enthusiast only our beloved Scraggy was worth considering.



Up to create a beautiful, comfy, fair and most of all self-made festival. Just like a festival has to be: cool people, great bands, delicious food, and a community that cheers up even the biggest crank, the most alternative hipster and the crustiest punk, to celebrate their lives together and especially  themselves. And we’d like to welcome YOU as well. It’s gonna be awesome, promise!